Rachel Shorey

Software Engineer on The New York Times Interactive News and Events team, working on data-heavy news stories.
Instructor Northwestern University Medill on the Hill
Prime Factorer slash author of Prime Factors, an irregularly scheduled newsletter about prime numbers [archive | subscribe | code]
Knitter who hasn't been updating her Ravelry notebook much recently.
Software Developer at Sunlight Foundation working on state and local legislative data acquisition and modeling.
Director of Media Analytics at HaystaqDNA.
Software Engineer at the Democratic National Committee through the 2012 campaign cycle.
PhD Student in machine learning and natural language processing at UMass Amherst (no, I didn't finish).
Girl Scout Leader of Troop 60821 in Connecticut.
Baggett research fellow in the Linguistics department at University of Maryland.
Math and Linguistics major at Swarthmore College.
Trash Talk Bot a twitterbot to send randomly-generated, March-Madness-related insults at your friends. [turned off due to end of March Madness] [code here]
Scout Vs. Scout Are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts mentioned equally in the Congressional Record? [code here]
Buscando a group project to connect refugee children to social services in Maryland. [code here]
Talks trainings and presentations of all kinds